My LO is 5.5 months old and she was having cold and cough around 3 months old due to monsoons and now we are in different city.. it's been one month in the new city though...again she is down with cold and cough I'm applying only a roll on ... first time i had been to the doc and she prescribed drops for nose block and maxtra it normal for this age babies to get cold this often..?

Hi yes absolutely normal to get cold often, especially in this weather change.

Yes, cold is caused by 100plus virus so it's common ,don't fret. Ensure you give Steam inhalation which is very effective when the kid has cold and congestion. Splash a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the baby's dress and blanket to inhale. Offer warm soups, steamed foods and keep the baby hydrated.
You can try BabyOrgano cold relief roll on which is natural and it has ingredients like tulsi, wintergreen and nilgiri/eucalyptus which has properties to cure cold, cough and chest congestion. To improve your kids community you may also try Babyorgano BaalAmrut Swarnaprashan
This will also help boost your child’s overall health as it helps in detoxifying your child’s body.