My 15month ki beti ki fingers door mein aa gayi Hai. And skin nikal gaya Hai there was no blood but chot lagi Hai. Apart from soframicine what can I use. It is hurting her. And correct me I think as there is no swelling it's not fracture right? very worried.

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Sakshi Mahajan

The pain/burning must be because of the skin peeling off. No swelling should mean that there is only external injury

u can shw a doctor....usually swelling an severe pain wil be ter for fracture...if its jus skin..u jus clean wit savlon..don apply anyth if only skin is gone..leve it open .it shld heal...

Apply vasline over the site

Thank you so much everyone. She is better the skin dried and peeled off.

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