Please suggest extra moisturizing soap for son skin is very very dry...I have used so many baby soap...but still in this season his skin is very dry ...please suggest

U can always have an eye on the baby's fluid intake. Pls increase water intake. Also for soap u can give ur hands on Bioderma atoderm soap wch keeps the skin moisturized all day throughout.

It can happen in babies a lot. Dry Cheeks are very common. Go for moisture rich soap like Bioderma atoderm it moisturizers the skin as it has anti bacterial properties in it.Apply coconut oil twice daily. You can apply malai too, but it makes my daughters skin sticky. Also apply few drops of oil in the navel too post bath. It should help with the dryness.

Bioderma atoderm soap makes the babies skin feel soft and moisturized for longer hours. I too love using it .it makes my baby skin feel hydrated too. It's perfect for babies.

Agree with moms here, Bioderma atoderm is what we have been using too n really like it. It's moisturising, antibacterial and lasts pretty long.