Suggest a good fm for 1 month old baby. My cousin sis unable to feed her baby due to health issues and her doctor recommended APTAMIL. She is a bit confused about this new fm because everyone in her family using lactogen. Please share your opinion

My sil wasn't able to express breast milk. Our pediatrician suggested Aptamil it is close to breastmilk and helps to boost immunity. I would suggest u to check with ur pediatrician first

Aptamil is good. It's rich in prebiotics which keeps gut healthy and reduces chances of infection. You can try it , still in doubt than consult your pediatrician.

She can go ahead with Aptamil. It's the best formula for babies as it's closest to breastmilk and contains prebiotics which strengthens baby's gut health and boosts their immunity.

Nothing is best of mother's milk. But if any issues, try Aptamil. Aptamil is good, because it is rich of all necessary nutrition and Prebiotics. Prebiotics are good for healty gut and good immunity of child. So with the consult of your pediatrician, you can go with them.

It’s the best , she can go ahead with the same. It contains Prebiotics which improves gut health and strengthens immunity

Aptamil acha hai .. go for it

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