Hello Mommies,

Hope you all are doing well.

My toodler is 2.8 years old now. She used to hold food on her mouth for longer time. Each meal takes me 1 to 2 hrs to feed her. Even though I ask her to chew and swallow food she won't. It's been so long time and I am completely fed up with this kind of activity.

She won't eat any spicy food. Most of the times I use very less chilli powder and try to give food to her. She won't accept and and she ll eat white rice only.

The only good thing is she eats fruits most of tyms. That's how we manage sometimes.

Mommies, I started googling for the same and my search ended up with autism.

I am bit scared now. Pls suggest me what can I do?

She is speaking now, playing very well, doing some activities with interest, she has got lots of friends and she plays with them a lot. The only problem with her is FOOD FOOD FOOD...