My daughter (2 years old) didn't pee throughout the day. She is taking very less water. Nowadays she urinates only 2 times throughout the day. Buy today she didn't pee till evening. Is it a matter of concern? Please help l am worried.

Hey give enough water and juices... Coconut water too.. summer time... Does she sweat a lot ??

If Her health is fine, dont worry. Encourage her to drink more water and other fluids. Give juices and shakes in colourful glasses.. Give Coconut water, milk, buttermilk too.

Kavita Sahany hi, yes she sweats but not much. I am worried because since a month she is urinating only once or twice a day. I am trying my best to give her water but she doesn't take more tha 2 sips. I offer her water every half and hour.