hii i m 15th wrek pregnant.. meri abhi kujhe iron calcium ki medicine nhi likhi aur mujhe abhi kuch feel nhi ho rha ki heart beat kis month me sun sakte h ya dr. kab sunati h mujhe kaise pata chale ki mere baby ki growth sahi ho rhi h ya nhi ..i m worried mujhe kuch feel nhi ho rha

You are just 15 weeks you will feel the movements anytime between week 19 to 24 . You can hear the heart beats only through doppler , your regular scans and doctor check up will keep you updated that the baby is doing fine. Your doctor did not prescribe iron and calcium? In your next visit do check with her.

honey on average babys heart is the first to develop and start beating around 5 weeks on average but every  one is different so dont worry even if u cant hear anything at week 5 cuz sometimes it takes time to try again after 2 weeks .good luck :)

just ask ur doct abt tablets in next visit. 4 hearing heart Beat u have to wait few more weeks like 19th onwards, may b a litl late too

Hey arti.. u r 15 week.. N aapko scan me ab tak heartbeat ni sunaya..strange!! av jab aap regular doc k pass jate ho to wo doppler se to wo khud v chk karti hogi; babys heartbeat by keepin that device on ur tummy area..
Aap next time pakka doc se dono cheez poocho... Heartbt n meds...

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