how to prevent colic in formula fed baby ? Burping isnt helping much

How old is the baby ??? Breastfeeding is the best till 6 months atleast.

The baby is 9 months old. Mother isn't able to express much

choose the right formula milk that contains prebiotics, they help in reducing colic. Also massage the baby on belly in clockwise direction. Burping is definitely necessary.

My baby had the same issue then I changed FM with my paediatrician suggestion and started aptamil formula milk which contains prebiotics that helps during colic

colic may be a reaction to specific foods in Mom's diet in breastfed babies. Some colicky babies also have gas because they swallow so much air while crying. So, Burp your baby during and after a feeding. Apply hing on baby naval. Its very helpful home remedies.

May be formula milk doesn't suits your baby. After every feed plz make her/ his burp. If problem are still there then plz consult to your doctor.