My neighbours kid is 5 yr old and he is very mischievous. He teaches bad words to my 3yr old son and do all sorts of masti. He even breaks his toys and takes his toys at his place without permission and even misplaces at times. My son is too small to understand what is good or bad. N due to pandemic he did nt attend any school and does not even have any friends. So now my son is too fond of him. I tried talking to that kid and even with his mom but she is proud of him and is least bothered about his behaviour. Because of him i afraid of bringing new toys for my him son. I really dont know what to do and hom

to stop my son from falling in bad company. My whole neighbourhood is frustrated by him and his mother.

Hey if this is the case then you should gradually avoid.. try playing with the kid.. don't take our new toys for a while... Also if the child is using bad words tell politely that it's not good and shouldn't be used..