What is the difference between prebiotics and Probiotics ? Why it's necessary to include probiotics in kids diet ?

Both are needed for healthy gut that in turn boosts digestion n overall immunity in a long run. Prebiotic supports probiotic gut growth which is good bacteria. Curd, fruits , yoghurts, fermented foods has it all

Prebiotics give Rise to probiotics in a baby's gut, making it healthy and improves digestion, builds germ fighting cells that help build immunity.
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Probiotics are live microorganisms which when ingested in the right amount helps with maintenance of the gut microflora. Prebiotics on the other hand are nothing but fibres that act as food for the probiotics and helps them grow. The only caution that needs to be observed while giving probiotics is to be clear about the strain that is being given and the amount else the probiotic may not be effective. On the other hand prebiotics being natural fibers have no such side effect associated with them.

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria which are present in the gut, and they are responsible for enhancing gut function. Prebiotics are food for probiotics, which help in growing probiotics in the gut, therefore enhancing gut function and building immunity. Sharing the links for your reference-