My 20 days daughter is doing potty after every breastfeed. Is it normal?

It is normal it is not very watery, so the stools should not be watery and frothy

How many times has she gone today

That is ok hope it is not watery Nikita?

I feel it's slite watery

Nikita please keep ur diet proper

Its completely normal. Babies should do this. Just beware potty shouldn't be green in color or tight. It should be little bit granular.

It is fine. Baby's intestine is still developing. No worries.
Some babies poop while having feed also.

Has baby e putting up normally what is getting fever now little roti poti with granular greens and yellow is ok Nikita you should not worry just make sure you are not having too much capsicum or green chilli spicy food in your diet

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