Hi mom, my friend's daughter is 20 days old, she needs an advice, can she give Aptamil FormulaMilk to her daughter? Because she feels that her baby's stomach is not filling with breastfeeding.

Hey it will be good to consult her padeatrician... Sharing a few articles that will help her increase breast milk..

How To Increase Breast Milk

All You Need to Know About Breastmilk Substitutes

My paediatrician too suggested me the same aptamil formula milk and keeps the babies stomach full and improves the immune system too

Yes she can absolutely give Aptamil formula milk. This is the closest substitute to breastmilk so it’s the perfect formula milk to be given

Although Breastmilk is supposed to be like liquid gold for the baby. But if for some reason the mother is not able to breastfeed then give formula milk which is closest to the Breastmilk. Yes, Aptamil is absolutely safe and it has prebiotics which are present in mother's milk

She can give Aptamil after Doctor suggestion. Aptamil is supposed to be good for kids as it has prebiotics which are present in mother's milk and it also helps in building immunity of the babies. But It's better to continue breastfeeding as long as possible.

Yes she can, aptamil has prebiotics which makes baby's immunity and digestion system strong but first consult to your doctor then give any formula milk.

Haan aap de sakte ho... Its good actually.