hi im 22 weeks pregnant. i m not comfortable while sleeping in left and right side also. but if i sleep on my back means its better. but im worried coz i should not sleep on my back la!! so what should i do for bettr sleep anyone pls help me

Hi vinitha pls start using pillows between ur legs and support ur back. Chk out; Comfeed Pillow - they have some very comfortable ones. Tc

I can sleep only in my face down position but once I got pregnant I started sleeping in sides.. very difficult in the beginning but I did for the sake of baby. Now I sleep on my sides, please practice sleeping on sides.

even I am sleeping on my back 4 few tym.  I heard that sleeping on back won't cause so much pblm but I m not sure abt it. 4 few mints u can sleep on back then sleep on sides nd sleep

Yes no harm in sleeping for sometime in back but I get uncomfortable sleeping like that now. So as your week progress you will like to sleep on your sides only.

I would suggest you should totally invest in a pregnancy pillow..; Even I had this problem..; There are C shaped and U shaped pregnancy pillows available.. It is best to go for a U shaped one coz you can sleep on either sides then since there will be support from both sides..; Take care..