How to boost immunity of 9 months old baby? I came across prebiotics for babies, can some one suggest the benefits and food options rich in prebiotics ?

Very simple probiotic available in every home is curd you can have homemade curd everyday given the weather you must check whether it's very cold at your place then you can give the curd with warm vegetables steam fried vegetable

Yes prebiotics are good way to boost the immunity as they strengthen thr gut of the child from within. You could try giving banana, apple, oats and prebiotic rich food to ur child. There are formula milk as well that are rich in prebiotics.

For a 9 month old baby you can give curd , ripen banana , these are rich in prebiotics. And yes prebiotics do help to improve immunity in kids.

Prebiotics are good for healthy gut and good immunity of child. You can give your 9 month baby curd, banana, ripen. These are rich in prebiotics.

For 9 month old baby, include seasonal fruits and vegetables in their diet. Also continue to breastfeed as it contains all the essential nutrients required to boost their immunity. If one is unable to breastfeed then choose a formula that has prebiotics in it, like Aptamil. Bananas and apples has prebiotics in them.

My sis also feeding her baby with Aptamil fm .. really helps in enhancing gut health and building strong immune system.. her baby looks very healthy

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