हैलो मम्मी! मेरा ९ मंथ का भतीजा अभी ब्रेस्ट-फीड लेता है। क्या उसे breast- feed के साथ cow- milk या Formula milk दे सकते है? कौन- सा milk बच्चे को देना ठीक रहेगा? कृप्या सुझाव दे।

अगर मां का दूध पर्याप्त आ रहा है ऊपर से आपने सॉलिड्स भी स्टार्ट कर दिया है चावल दाल इस प्रकार से मसला हुआ दे रहे हैं बच्चे को तो ऊपर से कोई और पाउडर वाला दूध देने की जरूरत नहीं है आप घर में सेरेलैक बना कर रख सकते हैं

मां का दूध पर्याप्त नहीं पड़ रहा है तो आप उसे फार्मूला मिल्क दे सकती है। आप उसे नैन प्रो या ऐप्टामिल दूध दे सकती है, दोनों ही दूध अच्छे हैं।

Breastfeeding is best, but now he is 9 month, so you can give formula with BF. But not given cow's milk before completed 1 year. All international bodies including the World Health Organization and Indian regulations as well do not recommend the use of cow's milk for a baby until 1y of age. Use of cow's milk may lead to intolerances and micronutrient deficiencies in babies. It is suggested to look for infant milk substitutes post consultation with your doctor than using cow's milk.

Mainly mother milk is enough for small baby but if mother may not produce enough baby milk then we need formula milk. Cow milk is not recommended below one year . You can try brands like Aptamil and nan pro after consulting with your paediatrician.

Cow milk is not suggestable below one year old so better to give formula milk n choose the FM which contains prebiotic.

If she is not able to breastfeed ask her to choose a good formula milk brand.

Cow milk is not recommended below 1 year as it has a high amount of protein which the baby might find tough to digest. I trust Aptamil as it has prebiotics better gut health and better immunity.

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