My 1mth old daughter is continuously sleeping since yesterday... Is it normal,?

She is feeding properly how many time she has peed and how many times she has popped

She has popped once since morning and peed 5 - 6 times since morning... N she is not even getting up for feeding. I m forcefully feeding her.

The baby is just one month old so it definitely cannot get up you need to tickle her toes and tap her Palms in order to make her awake and then feed

Usually is the baby very playful like are you noticing any difference otherwise the baby will play whole day and sleep whole night how it is going with your baby

In normal days also she is less active but awake.. And since yesterday she is only sleeping... Not even crying after peeing otherwise usually she always cries after every pee n poop

Does a month baby play for the whole day n sleep the whole night? Like u said

When the babies are in transition 1--2 month phase yes they are awake mostly in daytime there to take naps but night time is mostly peaceful if there is no issue of colic

Usually baby take 2-3 naps in day time

Ok ma'am... So is there any suggestion with which I can keep her more awake or make my baby little more active or interested in any activity

Baby is very small once she enters 3 months you will see the change

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