Hai I'm 7 weeks 2days pregnant. LMP April 12th..Got bleeding today went for 1st scan there's visible irregular embryo sac but no heart sound.. Till morning I was nauseous has symptoms noW no nauseous.. On sustain tab as doctor prescribed n rest.. Should re do scan after 10 days.. Any chance of positive heart beat.. Now bleeding has controlled..

I need to see your ultrasound report

Is bleeding continued?till now?

No doc bleeding had stopped last night itself took tranexmic acid but gynec said to stop that.. Gave sustain 300 once

Bleeding has started again with some clot now no hopes 😞😪

How many pads please tell me

If it is very heavy please meet your Dr immediately

One pad is filled till now.. She (doc)said if it's heavy take tablets to stop bleed..watery blood not blood with some small red particles

Any discharge you should contact your doctor immediately..

Now no bleeding it's on and off.. Met gynecologist last night.. Today she suggested

Doc said to stop sustain though I don't have bleeding 😟.. No baby for now 😔..

Don't worry sometimes it is very difficult for a mother to understand what should she do. I will advise meet your Dr tomorrow get one ultrasound and then we start diet and plan baby again after 2 months

Also it is very important at this point to understand why this is happening if there is any genetic concern it can be solved now so meet your doctor today or tomorrow and also you can get a tissue culture done

Sure doc.. This z 2nd unplanned pregnancy.. 1st kid has no complications gynec said to meet after a week as she wanted to leave by itself..

Babies are precious for a mother so for your satisfaction definitely you should meet your gynecologist and should discuss if there are any chances of genetic this proposition depending upon the age of the mother

Sure doc will definitely meet gynec ASAP

Update me when you are back we need to start a diet for you

Sure doc wil let u know soon

Doc said if it doesn't bleed much just take a tablet n terminate then after 3 days just come for scan.. I'm getting vomiting could not eat anything since 2 days if bend and any stress getting little bleed

No bleed if I'm in rest but my husband n doc saying thers nothing. It might lost 😪.. There's nothing there other than sac 😔

Sure doc.. Little Brown discharge came today

Ask your dr to start for you tomorrow it is slowly disintegrating either you can wait fir few days otherwise we should clean out.

Ok going for scan once it's been 5 days already

Did you recently took HCG injection and then underwent the test

No mam just took a HCG
TSH test last Sunday as i could not go earlier, spotting z seen waiting for heart beat if not we will do as gynec said. No hopes as last week some bleeding has gone medium bleed

Yes because 8 weeks have already passed and still heartbeat is not there also there is little bleed as experienced by you

You are already briefed how to take the kit?

My gynec said to wait another week but we r already hopeless n I got severe vomiting, got sick my husband got this atlast

Without prescription you should not take

We took my husband senior gynec who's 27 experience she said DNC z not required suggest tablet, we r medicos so no issues..I was still wanted to wait 1 last time but husband dint wanted to

See that is fine your already 8 weeks and above in the latest report which you have already shared

the sac size is small you don't require DNC

Yep sac z also too small no active heart.. Ended up for now
Thank you

I took mifepristone yesterday 10.30 A. M.. No bleed z seen till now

Going for D&C atlast, nothing has done with mifepristone, sac with no heart beat z still present.

Today D&c z finished, my doc suggested to take rest bcz I got weak, asked to recover n take good diet, breast feeding, vomiting, n abortion