Dear mom! Please suggest Which Formula milk is good for baby digestion and immune Development?

Hi we used nestle nan pro. It suited baby from beginning. Is there a formula now suiting baby?

We always recommend breast milk but is the flow is very less and the baby is not getting satisfied? then you can switch to Nan Pro or Dexolac or Aptamilk how old is your baby please mention and do not worry

Hoe old is the baby ??

Kavita Sahany baby is 9 month old

Hope you have started with outside food too ... Give rice water and dal water and juices... You can use nan pro as formula..

Aptamil formula milk is good for babies because it has prebiotics which is good for babies immunity and digestion system.

Mainly mother milk is enough for small baby but if mother may not produce enough baby milk then we need formula milk. So, if you are able to breastfeed than please continue doing so , as nothing could be compared to the formula milk but in case you are not able to breastfeed you can try giving formula milk to the baby . I trust Aptamil.

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