Hi ma'am, my baby is on bm and formula. I give her formula for 2-3 times in whole day. But with 30ml formula she is not satisfied and as soon as I give her 60ml formula she poops. What should I do? Pls suggest

So that is very well Nikita you should not worry because 60ml is required and you are feeding 30ml which is less not even 60 more than 60. 65 to 70

The only thing that should be a concern is how many times are you giving meals is going potty for more than seven times that I will suggest you meet your pediatrician

But ma'am she faces gas problem too after every 60ml meal only... Even though I burp her everytime. So Still I should give her?

For gas give her neopeptiene 1ml every day

Breastfeeding you can see, try to breastfeed exclusively for one day and see how many times your baby is hungry what is the P count and what is the change in Poop so at least you need to do it for today's and you understand whether your breast milk is sufficient or not

Can i take any medicine to increase my breast milk..? I m taking shatavari powder also since 1mth but there isn't any difference.

Start lactare capsule twice a day

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