My baby girl is almost now 9 months of age short of 10 days but she is Very weak. She weighs 6 kg only. Also she doesn't drink cerelac mixed with cow milk for the last three days. Pls tell me how to improve her diet and make her healthy. She is born preterm at 7.5months.

Hey cows milk you can give afyer one year.. not now ... Give banana... Keep Breastfeeding too if possible

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She needs homemade food, give her whatever you all are eating. Dal, rice, kichadi, dosa, idly, eggs, chicken, meat fish etc.

Rebecca Prakash thank u mam I have started now. One more thing mam she is not yet crawling on her knees just pushes forward laying on her chest and abdomen. She has also not developed teethes yet

Kavita Sahany Here my mother and in law saying we can give if she digests. Instead they told me not to give banana and mango to neither her nor me. What are the complications mam if she has cow milk

Complications as in its little heavy so after one year ... But what is the harm with mangoes and banana.. ypu can eat and the baby too..super food they are..