Pale yellow discharge is normal in pregnancy or not

It is usually not very normal are you also experiencing pain itching and burning sensation Also share your Ultra sound report and relevant urine test reports if you have already done you have already done

Mam this is my ultrasound report from last week (30th may night) i saw bleeding so than i visit hospital they gave me susten 200 tablet bt again 6th and 7th june i saw bleeding ( spotting) is it harm full to baby

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Where is the report attached please upload

Mam i upload all of my scan report & blood & urine test report plz check & suggest me

have you got susten injection done

Hemoglobin is on very lower side you please need to start iron supplements

No mam, doctor gave me susten 200 tablet thats it on & they told me take rest & on 27th jone do NT scan

Are you still experiencing bleeding?

If yes then please also tell me the frequency

No mam i didnt have any bleeding

Also tell me how many tabs are you taking every day your iron level is low

Morning folic acid & night susten 200 thats it

Please start dexorange syrup

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