Hi i m 3 months preganant with second first one is very much normal and nxt two weeks there will be my nt scan and double marker test.....but i m worried a lot....continuosly in back of mind i m worried that everything will b normal or not....plz help

Take no worries, tension will not help.. try to stay diverted by doing something that keeps you busy and happy... I am also pregnant with 3omth going 5o start, and I had the same test during my first pregnancy and all went well... Take it positively, it is good to know any problem in ur baby at an eelarly stage where you can take necessary steps towards it.. otherwise it will be very difficult after the baby is born.. think it like that and moreover, it only happens to a very rare cases... Otherwise all tests are on a good side . I am also waiting for my test done for this pregnancy and in a positive way....

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