What ingredients should be in formula milk? Wich is good for babies immunity and digestion system too. Plz help mommies.

Improving Your Baby’s Immunity: Live Q&A With Expert Sonali Shivlani

Mother milk is always good for baby immunity. But if for some reason mother are not able to breastfeed then gives formula milk after doctor suggestion. Prebiotics rich FM helps in the growth of health bacteria , improves digestion and enhances the production of good bacteria in the baby. i have used Aptamil for my baby after doctor suggestion.

Some ingredients like plant-based oils, such as palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower and soybean oil. fatty acids, usually derived from fish oil. vitamins and minerals from plant and animal sources.
a couple of enzymes and amino acids.
probiotics (in some formulas like Aptamil )

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