My sister has recently delivered and unable to feed due to extremely less milk supply. Can she give Aptamil to her son. ?

Breastfeeding is recommended...

Yes iam giving aptamil formula milk for my baby it is good one and it's next to mother's milk and contains prebiotics in it which helps in improving babies immunity

Encourage her to drink lot of water and eat healthy wholesome meals to increase breastmilk. Meanwhile she can also give Aptamil as it is close to breastmilk

Yes, Aptamil is ok. But better to concentrate on breastfeeding. Mother milk is always best for babies.

Ask her to continue with breastfeeding as it will help build the supply and have well balanced healthy diet.Try expressing and then feed. During my first baby I couldn't feed properly for a month as my baby was not sucking correctly,since her hunger was not getting satisfied , I fed her formula milk and breastmilk both. I was told to choose formula milk which is closest to breast milk.I had given Aptamil to my child, based on my doctor's suggestion. It suited my baby really well. You can discuss with your doctor and give it a try!

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