Hey mommies how can I start to teach ma child (3yrs) alphabets colour etc he doesn't sit properly @ any place he runs whole house. How can I teach him n wat to teach n is der any book or any other equipment helps

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This is a great q zegna! Magnets, blocks, flash cards, matching cards & books worked for us. Vidhi Duggal (Luminosity.blog) has shared how she taught numbers from her staircase!

Avani Tulapurkar; Isha Sharma suchismita patro Mamta Washist Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamatalks Prithvi Balaji pls share ur ideas! Priya Iyer u too!!

Shruti Giri is very creative while teaching her son. Pls chk out all of her posts!!

Spend more time with baby. An talk, talk and talk. This will help in building vocabulary. By this time, most of the kids know some basic Colors and numbers. What I did was.. take my girl to play and while walking...we use to count steps. And points to obejcts, things or people and tell the Colors. As I am in apartment, so walk through the parking space and name Colors of the car. You can take baby for vegetable shopping and introduce to fruits and veggies and also ask Colors. Count and buy. Books will help in recognising letters, numbers, shapes.

Thank you Roopashree Siddireddy

Kids are curious to learn and explore but if they feel it's being forced on them they will revolt without a logical reason. So try to explore playful ways. Understand ur kid better.

Kids are curious to learn and explore but if they feel it's being forced on them they will revolt without a logical reason. So try to explore playful ways. Understand ur kid better.asha chaudhry Roopashree Siddireddy has suggested very nice options.

I never teach my twins like a teacher or proper teaching method..I involve them in each and every thing I do...like while I am cooking I ask them to give me 1red; tomato 2 pink onion handful of green coriander leaves...this way they have learnt numbers,colours, quantity...then for alphabets I started with phonics and learnt phonics myself first

Phonics ????Sulbha Bathwal Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamatalks

Zegna Fayas ....aa sulbha said....phonics is very good. They learn better that way.
Also try to identify objects first ...eg if ur kid likes dogs...ask him where a dog is..then simply say D is for dog..
Similarly you can do for othr alphabets.
The more you engage with ur kid, talk,play and ask, the better they understand and they gain intrest in learning.

Awesome suggestions by everyone!!!
Key is to interact more.... Make it fun... Rather than teaching in a perticular manner you can just involve him in daily household work or activities... It's ok if he doesn't sit...let him run and learn....

Hi.. When teaching concerned for babies.. You have to mk it fun learning way otherwise thy won't sit.. My girl also doesn't sit in one place for a minute but wooden blocks of letters board n colors.. Fruit slate etc helps to mk her engage n keeps her interesting though catching colors n shape... You can buy from online or market this type of educational bored. N mk him sit n see n learn.. My girl says everything on the board now.. Please see the pictures..

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Thank you suchismita patro

you don't need to make a 3yr old child sit at a place and learn. for a three year old activities are designed for every concept in such a way that the child learns. teach the child the way he learns , that's what I believe in.

Thank you Vidhi Duggal (Luminosity.blog)

I've seen they re interested to learn from their own things ,kind of gems ! Mine learnt colours from it ! Also ask him to pick shirt . Then ask him colour .. those practical things u can try.

Dear Zegna, Seems like lots have people have given you some great ideas, so I am not going to repeat these, but what I will say is that don't worry about using specific things. Instead focus on how you use them. Use lots of language when playing with your child. Do lots of pretend play and just let your child explore in a fun and engaging way using household items. Read, read and read...anything, it doesn't matter. If you can do this, learning will automatically happen and the love for learning will also come in which is sometimes more important. Hope this helps!

Thank you malika mehta

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