I'm feeling continuous headache from last 3 days. I'm feeling so much irritation & pain in my eyes & neck. How to get rid of it??

I think u might have got sight problem . Consult a doc. Eat more carrots

Headache around this time is common with few pregnant women. I too had it, your symptoms looks more like sinusitis, take steam 3 times a day it will help you a lot. But once consult your doctor she might prescribe medicines like sinarest. She will also check if BP is there or not .. if BP is high head ache is possible,; she will ask you to for CBC test to check your Hemoglobin level. . If it's less headache is possible. So do go to her and get it checked.; Don't take medicines on your own. Apply balm and take steam as of now.

Headaches r common during this time. Try taking lots of water and fluids. Have fruits and food properly.
Even I used to have it..In most cases reason is dehydration.

Did u have cold or fever recntly?; Try steaming in plain water. If pain I not getng les consult doct

Yes. I think may be I'm feeling fever from today morning

Take more fluids. U can take Crocin it's safe and if fever persists please visit doctor