hi..I have a query I read somewhere that mothers milk loses its nutritional value if formula top up is given. my baby is breastfeed only but sometimes when m tired and Dont have enough milk we give him formula milk in only one feed in a day..its not very regular but as per need . 3-4 times in a week. please tell me if giving this can decrease nutritional value of mothers baby since was born premature m very concerned to built his string health. he is currently 3 months corrected age. please solve my query .also please inform how to monitor his growth..I understand that it needs to be counted from his corrected age. he is actual age is 5 months. also when I can start solids from 6 months or 8 month.

No using formula does not diminish the value of the milk being given. However it is always best to try and be on exclusive breast feed. The more you feed the more milk will be produced hence work at increasing your supply. For all milestones you have to look at his corrected age. Solids should be started as per the recommendation of the doctor. There are various factors to be considered, readiness, weight gain, development as in this case baby was born premature and also family situation.