Hello girls!

I am 7 weeks pregnant. So far all good. This is my first pregnancy and hence very uncertain about everything. I do not have morning sickness such as vomiting and stuff but i am experiencing severe back ache from the past 1 week. At times i feel feverish but the temp of the body doesn't shows a rise. Unable to eat properly. Feel hungry all the time yet unable to eat more than 2-3 morsels. Hats off to those females who work office and home in pregnancy but me being home alone the whole time keep feeling sick about the fact tht i am only able to manage basic household chores and sleep or rest most of the time yet feel low and weak throughout. What is it and why is it so with me? Please advise.

Don't worry dear. It all common in pregncy espcially in frst trimestr. By 4th month mostly evrthng will b ok. Not feeling hungry is also common in pregncy. But don't skip meals , eat litle litle in every 2 hours. Drink lots of water. When u r feelng tired , take rest. It's the tym 2 rest. If u have; temp , consult doct.If u have any doubts abt any preg matters,; ask here many xperts nd momies r here 2 help u

Dear,relax...take a deep breath and remember always that every body is a different biology and different psychology. Dnt compare urself with others. If u r home good books...listen to music..have chats with frns....n take one hobby which u enjoy...take selfies...u have so much to do..n being tired n resting is a part of pregnancy. On a lighter note.... Sleep as much as u can...heheh...ek baar baby aega to sleepless night milegi... 😊 #Happyparenting

I understand how tiring it is nil shaikh.But you know what?You wont get this home alone time again.Nor the peaceful sleep.So keep up your spirits.Drink lots of water.Have; small and frequent meals.Spend time wisely.Don't exert yourself.For back pain,try hot or cold compress.Use pillows to get support.Don't bend much and take enough rest.Make sure your stomach isn't empty.Its common to feel hot and sweat during this time.wear light clothes.Hope your bp,hb count are all normal.Things will get better as pregnancy progresses.hang on till then!

Hi Dear, try to be stress free, listen to good music and sip some green tea. I tried The Moms Co. Tea itvis really good. You must try, relives acidity and also will normalise your body activities.'s everyone is different symptoms are also different for everyone..have lots of water and good diet and also do some light exercises which are recommending so that you don't feel sluggish... Be active... Don't take stress!!
After first trimester you will feel better's normal.. nothing to small amount of food every two hours...if you feel tried take rest ...sleep for while get up do sum evening do slow walking listen to gud with friends.. enjoy..

Consult doc for a good appetizer and weakness.. U must not be taking iron meds..since its first trimester... Cos iron calcium in coming months will trigger hunger ... So relax read; n listen ur fav8 songs

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