hi dears!!my 17 month daughter who was eating well getting fussy about food since a month..she doesn't eating what I prepare for her but when d family sits for food she tries to eat tat food with her hand even if d food s spicy..I think her stomach not getting full so she s always demanding breast milk..plz help what can I do..

Hi Rimsha. So what i understand is she likes eating with family. Try giving her the food she likes and also in more frequency to ensure she is full. At this age she must get nutrition from food. Monitor her intake capacity and try using variation like salad, fruits , roti etc to make it interesting.

Your little one is telling you that she wants to eat family food and with the family. Encourage her to eat at the table with you and keep her food as well. You could cook the family food a little less spicy and have family members add spices to their portion when they eat so that she gets to eat the same food as well.

thankuu priya n sonali mam

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