How do I include an exfoliating face cleanser in my skin care routine?






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Being Amna

Answered;Apr 22

Try using ThriveCo's Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser. I use the same everyday .. it is suitable for all skin types and works amazingly even on sensitive or acne prone skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which keeps the skin moist without stripping away its natural moisture. Even multiple washes in a day doesn't dry out skin. After each wash I felt rejuvenated and fresh !


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Royal Roshan Rodrigues

,;former Technical Support Admin at Endurance International Group (2018-2021)

Answered;Sep 22, 2021

Is exfoliation only for cleaning the skin? How often should it be done?

It is good if you exfoliate your skin daily as it removes dead skin cells allowing new cells to surface, and giving your daily glow an instant boost.

It also sweeps away the dirt that remained deep within the pores which the cleaner could not remove, smoothes skin, and reduces discoloration. Now you know that it helps remove dead skin cells and also clear pores deep within,

By doing this there is a better chance that whatever you apply on your skin will be absorbed than on a skin that is full of dead skin cells and clogged pores. The smoother your skin is the better your makeup application would

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Sanjana Dagar


Answered;Sep 18, 2021

What is your homemade skin care routine?

My homemade skincare regime is pretty easy. I generally use all natural and home made product on my skin.

I follow a night time skin care regime because at night our skin has time to rejuvenate and repair.


Cleanse your face with any mild facewash. I use Himalaya’s face wash and sometimes I use Dove soap to cleanse. You can use any face wash which best suits your skin.

2. Face mask

I use a besan face mask. I apply this face mask on alternate days.

Ingredients: Besan+Honey+milk/curd+pinch of turmeric+ rose water

I am using this face mask from past one year on alternate days or atleast 2 times

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Carol Thompson

,;Science/Evidence-Based answers.

Updated;Dec 2, 2017

What do you use to exfoliate your face twice a day?

I’d like to explain the giggle at the beginning of my video.;It had nothing to do with the Question or an Answer by someone else. [VIDEO]

During filming I said that exfoliating products contain;many types of abrasives.;Then I said this . . . . .

“I actually bought an exfoliate that contained crushed walnuts. How nuts is that?”

I immediately realized my unintentional pun;but I was laughing so hard at what I said that;I had to stop filming;and start over again.;The giggling you hear at the beginning of this video is the tail end of my uncontrollable laughter and had nothing to do with the Question.




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Robert Fairbrother




Garrick Saito


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Sweety Tiwari

,;B.com, teaching education from University of Delhi (2019)

Answered;Nov 25

What are some of the best skincare tips?

• drink a lot of water… stay hydrated.. nothing can hydrate your skin like water does.. so stay hydrated guys..

• CTM is must.. cleansing toning and moisturising is very important for skin… now a days I usually don’t use toner bdw.. but you can use for good skincare

• Focus on internal factors rather than external.. avoid junk and sugary foods.. eat clean.

• Do exercise, yoga..trust me sweat gives us glow.

•Don’t go to your bed with makeup on your face.

• If you are going to do homemade remedies.. than please avoid lemon, coffee and colgate.. I don’t know how people use these things on their face..

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Chaavii CP


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Luisa Fanzani

,;Skincare formulator and brand owner @ Luisa True Skincare

Answered;Apr 30, 2020

How does exfoliating help the skin?

Originally Answered:;Why should you exfoliate your skin?

Because your skin needs it.

A lot of people never exfoliate, therefore some think that if so many people never bother it's because it isn't necessary.

Certainly nobody will force you to do it if you don't think it's useful, but if you want healthy skin you should definitely get started with it. It's easy and exfoliant products generally aren't that expensive.

Dead skin cells do not fall off your skin by themselves. You have two options:;physical;or;chemical;exfoliants.

Physical exfoliant are usually called scrubs and contain granules you need to massage on your skin in order to eliminate dead skin

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Melissa Hoy

,;Still looking great! You are never too old to start a skin care routine.

Answered;Sep 8, 2015

Should a facial cleanser be used before or after an exfoliator? Why?

Originally Answered:;Should facial cleanser be used before or after an exfoliator? Why?

Before. You want to get all the surface dirt off your face so the exfoliator can treat the deep stuff. After the exfoliator, you want to use a moisturizer. It's just a waste of cleanser to use it after exfoliating.






Annika Dennet


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Sachita Bhowmik

,;BCA C & C++, Handique Girls College, Guwahati (2021)

Answered;Aug 5, 2019

What is your skin care routine (2019)?

Morning: Jovees Toner (Rose water skin toner) ,Loreal white perfect clinical day cream

Night: Face srub by Mcaffeine or face wash (both alternately), Rose water, Loreal white perfect clinical night cream, Maybelline baby lips.




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Moon Angel

,;knows French



When you exfoliate before cleansing, you are lifting the dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities away from your skin. Then the cleanser comes through to help wash it all away, along with other things like makeup and acne-causing bacteria. Also though the two go hand in hand—you should always cleanse before exfoliating. this will help you richa

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