my baby is 4 months...when should i start weaning food to my baby??

Hi Monika. breastfeed your child exclusively for 6 months at least. no water no honey, nothing at all

actually i am a working woman and i am a bit afraid whether my baby will accept food at 6 months or not....she is completely on breast feed but now she is getting hungry after every hour..

When do u plan to resume work ?

Hi Monika. 6 months and if you want then even 5 months is fine. But u do not recommend earlier than that. Given you have to join work is there any way your family members can look after weaning or maybe you can ask your company for flexible work till baby is 6 months. There are very useful articles on weaning which you should look at. Even on returning to work. Sharing you some basics on weaning. Hope you find it useful

All babies would accept food once you start. Don't worry. It's best to start once baby is about six months old.

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