For many days now i have been wondering how do we make the world a safer place for our kids?

I feel bad for both moms. And i am very angry with the police.

What is ur reaction?

It was a really sad incident....when police are so careless to whom you trust .? No place is safe now....I'm really wondering what's happening....I have posted the topic two days back but that wasn't visible to you all I check now plz

Why always there will be injustice?? - consider #ryanmurder or #talwar 's,,, so; many are still misterious.. i just think why the hell police always investigate a case as; irresponsibles,,, or corrupted humans in uniform???!!!! I too; feel pity for both the moms,,, one lost her son and another also lost her...

I am losin trust in the poluce dept.. i still cant believe this boy hs murdered . I don know...wat school is tat...a child comes to school wit murder wepon an one hears anytn...