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I just have a query regarding m son who is 10 months 3 weeks old his weight is 8kgs, nw he is having semi solid food 3 times a day nd since last 10 months is ebf nd nw also bf baby my question nd concern is dat still he used to wake up in nite for atleast 3 times to have feed every after 3hrs he wakes up. My relatives were telling me that it's bcoz his stomach is nt full dats the reason he wakes up so much...pls suggest wht shld I do? I'm really worried..

it's normal dear...he must be still getting accustomed to food. try to give him milk or whatever he must be taking as milk before he sleeps..

he only takes m feed nothing else before sleep....trying to give him bottle bt he refuses every nw nd den

try giving with spoon..if not bottle

tried all the several options spoon sipper nd glass even tried for dream feeding bt he just refuses the top feed milk

don't worry...let him wean the time he wants average age of a child for weaning is around 3 years. this is as per a study conducted worldwide. increase his solid food intake gradually so that his stomach gets full.

Hi Ishu, It's really good that you have ebf your baby. Its fine if your baby wakes up @ night. If baby wakes up @ night, it's not always hunger. The baby just wants to know that my mom is here. Or may be he or she has soiled the diapers. In either case, it's fine.
Quick tip - night feeds go the last. So its okay. Keep bf and feeding otherwise through spoon. Sleep in lying down position @ night to avoid sleep disturbances for you and baby.

thnk u so much Dr. riddhi

Dr riddhi so relieved to see ur comment as i m still doing same for my 1yr son but my dr says one shouldn't feed whn baby is sleepy even during the day, feed when they are awake else there teeth will decay. He is also against lying down position. His medication has always worked for my son otherwise. Sorry but want to ask one question on this post itself that i want to start outside milk for him which one should i start. Is it ok if i give him diluting the one we are having. Please suggest.

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