Hi, I am due in Dec.. need to finalise my delivery hospital with choices between Surya @ Santacruz & Hinduja healthcare surgical @ Khar. Please provide your valuable opinion & experience if any which shall help me make my choice. .

Hi, Surya I am not sure as recently have not heard good reviews. Hinduja over all is good but have not heard of any pediatricians there. Have you considered Agarwal Nursing Home - Dr.Meera Agarwal there is very good.

Hi thanks a lot ,even I am getting mixed reviews for Surya. . Hinduja looks good compared to it. just wanted an assurance. Thanks again

Yes Dr Meera Agarwal is good based at Bandra

Hi @Lynette , actually we have shortlisted these 2 as my Gynac would be here.. since consulting him throughout my pregnancy, m keen on him doing my Delivery. But thanks for your suggestion, will keep in mind.

Hinduja facilities fine superb, I was admitted in emergency room at 3am and they took good care and necessary immediate action . So highly recommend it hospital wise. Good and efficient staff.

Congrats dear! Do go through reviews of any service you would need under 'services'. We are here to help.

Thanks a lot @Priya Ghosh & @Priya Sood . . Getting mixed reviews for Surya and Hinduja all positive so far. Hoping for the best anyways :)

Congratulations. hinduja is a good hospital. doctors r good too. recommended highly

find at least 3 women who have birthed at the facility and they have had the kind of experience you are looking for. ask about c section and episiotomy rates, they should not be more than 15%. ask if they follow 42 weeks as post dates. contact your local doula, birth network or childbirth educator for more information about common hospital practices. If u want a natural birth consider birth village or healthy mother, a home birth or hire a doula

Also find out if they have a lactation consultant on staff and if they follow delayed cord cutting and immediate skin to skin contact. are they mother baby friendly certified ?

Thank you so much @Ruth Malik .will surely keep these parameters in mind and try to know more on it .

Thank U @Avani Tulapurkar for your valued opinion ..

may I know the best hospital n gynac near Mumbai central?

Hi Nilofer. Do check put the 'services' section in the App. You can read reviews from our Mom Stars.