Hello fellow mommies. I am having a very hard time feeding my 9 month old daughter. She doesn't want to eat at all. As a result she keeps tossing and turning at night and wants to breastfeed all night long.

I have tried letting her ask for food. This way she survived on tits and bits of fruits and roti and rice that we were eating from the age of 6-8 months. After 8 months her appetite has increased but she spits food. She doesn't open mouth. And whatever we shove in also she spits out. Being breastfed all day long. Have tried giving toys, singing , tv, playing while feeding her. Tried high chair, feeding in balcony and on lap and letting her roam around too. Last night I fed her from 2.30 am till 3.30 am. She screamed n struggled to get out but I force fed as she couldn't sleep. Then she puked angrily all that I fed her. Then her dadi tried again. Which also she ate with great difficulty. I know my question is long...but I have fed nieces and nephews who were the creme de la creme of fussy eaters. This lady is a totally different level of fussy eater. Please help!

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I have tried all kinds of foods and recipes. It's a constant struggle to keep her alive!!! One day she will eat up a whole chiku for breakfast eagerly. But will spit it next day. So she wants a variety. But it's almost like once she tastes one thing she will never ever eat it again!!!!!

It can be very tough! At this age my son just wanted to play. I read books...told stories and played while seated. And fed

Hey..I can understand what are you going through... please stay you have tried everything no more options I can think for now ..have you tried a messy play..a complete distraction and interesting too... whenever anay doesn't eat now a days I leave him in the balcony with bucket full of water..he plays like anything and I feed him when he is completely into eat... Tried new utensils???? Like a new cartoon printed plate or new mug, spoon anything... You can get some toys to eating..let her feed the car, dolls, soft toys anything she has...

If she is not eating anything she must be hungry all the time and when you give food she might get irritated and puke it best thing you can do is keep giving her something to eat every 2 hours... Even if she doesn't eat, don't force...but keep offering... I know it's difficult to have a unique food everytime but the you can try repeating after quite along time so she forgets about it.... For example. If you give idli...try adding veggies into it so it changes color and she MAY feel at least, that it is something different....

Hey farah - is she teething? Babies get super irritable and irrationable while teething.

We wud carry her food out in the evening (we live in goa and like to be outdoors in the evening). So i wud feed her at the park or while we were grabbing coffee at CCD. I had these cute containers that helped. Do u have some teenager family friend/neighbour who can pop by? That also works at times. Make baby feed a doll of hers - that becomes her food buddy. Its frustrating farah - pls hang in there. Tried pasta in butter or veggie sauce?

aditi manja Kamalini Rao Sheeba Vijesh Prachi pls suggest

M scared after reading this 😰

Farah, even I'm going through the same phase as gets irritated pukes everything and since he would be hungry all night I have to bf him which is making me tired and restless..
Every time I feed him, I put him in my lap put tv on and show some time I carry him on my waist feed him switching lights on and off..other time I go to sink and do tap on/off.. this way he is enjoying..
If nothing works, then I start eating infront if him, then he automatically comes near my plate..then I take his bowl which I keep aside and feed him with hand.. it's very difficult but patience is the key..if he doesn't take more than 7-8 spoons..I will try offering food after 1 hr..

Hello.. Didnt face this with my older child, but had a phase with younger one where he wud eat very little n bf a lot. I knew this ws just a phase n wud pass soon. And sure it did.
One thing ive stuck to always; to date- never forcefeed. It creates an aversion to food.
How abt giving her soups or juices- nourishing n easy to swallow.
Give her a cold teether, ive even given ice chips to soothe itchy gums.
Try not to create anxiety n stress around mealtimes.
Dont pickup too many distractions for her. Maybe just a toy or her fave book.
All the best

Thanks mommies for all ur inputs!! Even if not much works on my little brat at least I feel I m not alone struggling to keep my munchkin alive!!

asha chaudhry shud be teething around this time...but not showing irritability as of yet

Hope situation gets better soon...
I haven't experienced such yet... So I really can't give you any remedy. Just hoping the best for you.

Hey, some great advice already given above here. I would just add that until a year milk is the primary source of calories and nutrution for the baby. Your baby may not be eating for multiple reasons- teething, a strong gag reflux, distractions...just keep trying diff foods. Have you tried home made plain yogurt? Good luck momma! Hang in there...youll soon be at the one year mark and this phase will likely be behind you!

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