hi mommies my 2.5 yr old kid has always been a fussy eater. he falls under 25% category of his height n weight.all methods of making him eat have failed. he survives only on milk. what should I do to meet his daily nutrient requirements. he falls sick often n is completely off solids for a week even after recovering n this vicious cycle of falling sick due to low immunity continues.pls help. i will go mad designing techniques to make him eat.


MomStar Richa says

Give options for food.. ask eat kid likes.. make food of different colour texture shapes.. this might help.. tell stories while feeding..
If kid likes watchin tv then feed at time.. though I know this is bad habit but can try for some time..
if kid is goin to school then kids learn fast looking at other kids.. send food in tiffin box which he can pick and eat..
my personal experience my kid learnt a lot after he started going to school.. initially for a year school help lady used to feed him but now he has learnt..
hope this helps her


Momstar Nandini says

First and foremost plz relax mommy!! Ur baby is going to be just fine.... Why do u feel baby may have defects....these are stuff that can be ruled out during scans. Im sure you have done them. Plz don't worry about how ur baby is gonna look...baby will be fine and cute no matter what. Just focus on thinking positive and keeping ur body active. Eating healthy is always advisable.... But just by eating one particular thing and eliminating another isn't going to help. Have good balanced nutrious meals and snacks. All the best....


momstar Nandini further says

Hi Chayanika,
How about trying milkshakes since he like milk. You can prepare fruit shakes.... For solid food see what does he prefer to eat....like veg options in case he like paneer make something cute and funny out of it. In case he eats chicken try something cheesy with it. Im sure there would be some base foods that he likes....maybe u can play around with those. You may also want to just check with ur doc about his low immunity and clear out any underlying issues causing it. Take care!!!

Sonali Shivlani

Over and above all of the above information here is some food for thought. Your child is your Mirror. If you show anxiety then the child will develop the feeling that food is stressful and will run from it. If you label your child as a fussy eater the child will then become a fussy eater. As parents our first job is to be relaxed. Make food a normal event and not something which needs so much stress.

chayanika pandey

Thanks Sonali and Nandini will work on your suggestions..

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