Friends.. . I am facing a challenging situation and don't know how to over come this.. my son has been regularly borrowing things from his frnds..pencils erasers scale and school inspite of the fact that he has everything in extra quantity in his bag already.. he said he has a fear of losing his pencils and all .. as at times it has happened in the past that his pencils erasers have fallen on floor and he has been unable to find it.. he is lil possessive for his things and also believes in taking care of his things.. but this behaviour is bothering his teacher alot l. I have tried differnet ways to make him understand this.. counceled him..scolded and even hit him today and i feel extremely guilty.. do I handle this.. Pls help me..


Sonal S Raja pls advise

Hey Anon,hugs to you dear we can understand your have to handle it very him the bad affects of taking things from others without needs...tell him it spoils image ppl don't like such kids/ should use your own things rather than others....tell him things are meant to be used if we don't use it will ruined....if you use it you will get more new things....try to show him such moral stories.... know it's bit difficult situation but keep trying dear....all the best.