any one can help me ....

i want to know how much tym ve to stay in hospital aftr c section delivery....

Hi Needhi, it's usually 5-7 days after Birth. If everything is okay and you have established a good breastfeeding routine along with healthy stitches, your gynaec will decide to send you home

Depends on your pace of recovery. I was told around 3 to 4 days by my gynaecologist.

yeah.. i liv in blr dey told me stay will be only 3-4 days

Hi. Ensure you are comfortable while breastfeeding. Take your time. I enjoyed my stay. I was pampered and enjoyed the food:)

I got my c sec done on wed n I was back home Saturday afternoon

I got my csec done on Thursday morning back to home on Saturday evening depends on ur recovery also

I got my c sec on Friday and I was back to home on Sunday evening

I had my section on monday and was back on sat

i wanted to enjoy my stay and feel pampered

I got my csec on Thursday morning and was back home Saturday afternoon