i am confuses????

i am unable to feel the move of my baby .... baby only kicks everytym....

nw on 10ths oct 6 mon will start

please see your gynaecologist immediately

do u mean to say that u are able to only feel the baby kicking and not moving?

baby kicks in differnt direction too

that's not a problem if the kicks are ok and frequent, 10-12 times per hour or so.. u will be feeling the movements later, in the 8th month and onwards... if the kicks are fine, nothing to worry.. otherwise see ur gyn immediately!! hope this helps :)

ur welcome :) I hv my edd approaching soon, n started feeling the baby move later in 7th month n 8th month beginning.. before that there were only kicks I could feel!!!

There is nothing to worry. However if you are not sure, it's best to consult your gynaec

mujhe pet m dard ho rha h pregnancy ka 5th month chal rha h kya karna chaiye