She is underweight. Only 11kg. 4 yrs now. Rest all normal.

Dont worry as long as she is active

Hi what was the birth weight ? And what isvthe height ? Has the growth been tracked on a growth chart ?

Birth weight should be considered to check if u have a underwt kid.
If kid is active n cheerful then dont worry. Just check with ur paed if kid needs any vitamin or iron supplement.
My son is 3 and weighs 10.5 kg but super active

Hi anon pls ise the growth tracker on the app. Am sharing some @meal plans - do go thru the entire series

Meal Plans: #Week 3 (Toddlers)

Meal Plans: #Week 4 (Toddlers)

Hello Dr. Her birth wait was 2.3kg. Right now her weight is 11kg and height is 99cms. Not able to put on weight from beginning. Otherwise she is active and smart child.