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Hi... I'm 29 weeks pregnant. yesterday my ultrasound was done. in that the fluid is showing 21 . it is more... will it affect to my baby? how should I control it... please guide me

in next scan... doc will confrm u .. whr ur US dn?

try medirad in whitefield .... wit dr. jagdish ...he is gud... he also slove my problem as . my baby kidney vd different... size... bt he says nt to wry

I did my scan in ragavas jayanagar

bt u r in whitefield rite y u go so far?

ya. in Whitefield but I'm showing in bharati nursing home.. dr vatsala .... I know that doctor so showing there

deepthi what does ur gynaec have to say?? I wouldn't be able to give any inputs to your query but I did say a small prayer for u n ur little one. All the best !!