You are the fevicol in this group!

You are a shoulder to cry on, to share a laugh with, and someone we all look up to.

I have interacted with you the most and love your tags!!

May God bless with you loads of happiness and good health in the new year!!

asha chaudhry

OMG!!!!!! U just made my day anon!! Big big big hugs and mucho love for the bestest message ever! I tag Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa the most! Is it u?!

No,,, it is not me..
Is it payal or dhanya 🤔😁

It's me!asha chaudhry

Hahaha i caught you payal 😁😁

Omg!! Its Dr. Payal M !!! I remember u called me ur tag buddy!!!! Mwahs!!!! Thank u so so much and wishing u and the bachchaas an awesome pausome one! Much love!

Thnx so much!!😊😊