my son is 3 month old ...his poop is mustard in colour but it is foul it normal?

Have u checked for milk intolerance ?

noo...and what is milk intolerance???

Meaning is he able to digest milk? assuming he is on milk diet ?

yup..he is 3 month old only

I don't think it's much of an issue. anything unless red or white is ok.

Ritika - just for your understanding, you can type lactose intolerance in the search bar, you will find an article to read.

Since he is breastfeeding, it could also be that something in your diet didn't go down so well with him. Just observe your meals when it happens next time, you may be able to find a correlation. If he is breastfeeding, nothing else can get his tummy upset at that age. If it's too frequent, please consult a pediatrician.

hii. I think it's normal.

how mother vpould increase the milk supply for 5months baby

normal..u might b consuming some citrus stuff

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