my 6 month old daughter Wakes up from sleep due to blocked nose. remedies plz. I am already using nasomist

take one Spoon ajwain seeds.. and put them in a cotton cloth and make a knot around t.. just rub t and make ur kid inhale t evry ND then..

thanku ashika...have been doing this

Is there any way I can give steam to my baby before sleep

s.. put some pinch f ucalyptas oil in warm water make ur baby inhale t..

evry time baby taking bath na.. put some ucalyptas oil will avoid blocked nose..

ok..will try this . thanku

instant tip.. put One drop f breastmilk on each nose.. it l wrk

if baby s nose blocked.. it l refuse to suck milk.. then u can try this before u feed..

Steam will help. take a steamer or a vessel with steam and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil (keep it a bit far from the baby but at a place where she can get the vapor). It will slowly relieve her.

nasoclear saline nasal drops can be used

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