Need help!

I was at my mom's place since delivery, moved to in laws place this Saturday.

My DD is very attached to my mom, she was with her 24 by 7 since birth.

Now here she cries non stop until she falls asleep, does not want to go to her dadu or Dadi.

I m feeling very miserable, hubby has joined work so he is also away during the day n she just does not leave me.

I have tried playing songs to her to soothe her but nothing is working. :(

Is she missing my mom n home?

What do I do? I feel very very helpless!! asha chaudhry nancy singh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Shruti Giri

Hey hey
Darling stay calm.; Babies can get fussy in New environment... give her some time ..; She will adjust .; Do things with her which she used to do with naani..;;;; music , toys , play gym
Distract her with white noise ..;; gradually she will adjust..;;;;; And then will love the new house and Dadi and daadu

Hugs satyam! Babies are more resilient than we think they are. She is just overtired and overwhelmed by the change of place and people. Give her another day or two to adjust. At 2 mnths they do start recognising voices & people and faces so yes, she is missing ur mom and her bedroom but will re-adjust very soon! Get some hanging/mobile toys that she can look up to and get distracted with. And let dadi & dadu play with her in ur presence.

Pls massage her legs and let her be on ur chest. New faces always overwhelm them. I took ini to a wedding when she was 3 mnths old - she cried the whole night. Tc sweety.

Thank you nancy singh and asha chaudhry Didi.
I am feeling much better now

You got a great piece of advice :)) its very common to have baby melts when the surrounding voice changes!!! Give some time and also good option to buy a bouncer or rocker or play gym.. from now onwards they can see bright colours like Red, Purple, blue and green

Hi.... same exact thing happened to me... babies will cry to almost anyone not familiar to them... usually smart babies recognise people n faces likes n dislikes😀... take heart .... we have got smart babies..😀and i let my boy warm up with them first...let them play with him for a while and i will keep telling him who they are before trying to hand him to them again...he will interact with them slowly..; and i have to inform my in laws too not to go to him..; let him go to them...😊

Now I'm scared with Ur question .. even I'm also moving to my in-laws house after April and on this I'm moving to village to attend ceremony for few days after that no Mummy for me n no Nani for my boy...

Thanks Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa and Ramya chakri
Priyanka mishra it is a pain to make the baby settle :(

Priyanka mishra u will be just fine! I moved to goa whr i knew no one when baby was 3.5 mnths old. I had no maid or maalishwali for baby, no friends, no family. U'll be awesome. We all figure it out!

asha chaudhry u r right! Eventually we all settle :)
Pihu is better now, after evening massage she played with her Dadi peacefully.

Priyanka mishra every mom is blessed with super powers and can take care of the baby; alone as well... I shifted to Kashmir when kiwi was 52 days.. And have managed baby alone even in extreme winters...; I am doing fine And becoming stronger after every passing day ... hugs

Thanks alot for understanding asha chaudhry and nancy singh