My 2 month old baby boy is just not interested to sleep on the bed. He sleeps nicely on my lap but as soon as I keep him down he wakes up, he is well fed and no other problem so no reason for waking up. What to do?

Hi Anon,newborns needs lots of comforting in the initial months and this behaviour is very normal. I am not sure which place you put up but if its winters,usually newborns will exhibit this as they feel body warmth while in lap and sleep peacefully there and gets up as soon as they lie down; or maybe its the startling reflex which wakes them up,try swaddling if thats the case.My little one is also doing the same from past few days,sometimes during growth spurts also they need more comfort than usual.

Hi. You can try swaddling as perhaps he needs a feeling of affinity. You could also try baby wearing only if you are ready for it.

ritu singhal : it isn't the startling reflex. It's pretty cold here. But this habit started just 3 days back. Before that at least he used to sleep at night on the bed.
Do you also keep your lil one on the lap and sleep at night?;

Neha Agarwal : I don't want to sound needy but how will baby wearing help me during night? Even after swaddling he doesn't like to sleep in the bed.

Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel have a good hack for this

Sumira Bhatia nancy singh pls suggest

Try this as soon as u make him lie down pat continuesly and lie down near him hugging place pillows near also make him sleep on either sides and pat.... This may work do not keep the baby in lap for long even during day time as soon as he is asleep try putting him on bed and swing or pat. Let the baby understand he can't be in the lap always.

Shiny Vincent - can we make a 48 day old baby to sleep on the side? Is it safe

Yes absolutely fine there's no issue, keep on changing the sides don't leave to one side otherwise it may lead to flathead.

Hi mommy! As Neha Agarwal mentioned, you should give babywearing a try. Babywearing is a concept where you carry a baby an ergonomic carrrier or sling. So, it's like swaddling the baby, but WITH you. Such that the baby feels your touch and warmth while you carry them hands free..Research says that worn babies tend to sleep better and hence are healthier and happier babies.
In the image it's both of us at a busy restaurant where my baby wanted to nap even before we ordered our food....with all the noise and chaos, my light sleeper naps peacefully after being worn..

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Uday got in that mode where he would only sleep in my lap; . . I would lie back with him in my lap and then slowly roll over and keep hugging him . . Then I would fit in a pillow and subtly move away

If it is a habit he's developed 3 days back then chances are that it is a growth spurt and he will be grow out of the habit

He generally sleeps on the lap only but at least for few hours he used to sleep on the bed at night at least..; since last 3 days even during night time he sleeps on the lap..

Anon it maybe a growth spurt or he could be getting habitual . . You'll have to keep trying to put him on the bed . . May even have to go cold turkey . If he wakes up , then try and make him sleep again

Hi mommy
Its normal , my girl baby did this when she was 2 months. Only during nights she used to do lik tat.. Me n mom keeps her in lap. We tried different methods to make her sleep on bed ,cradle .nothing helps. Stay calm ..baby ill change his habit.

Hi Anon,what i do is,i lie down with baby and pat her continuously,usually when her hands move i hold her hands gently and she is back to sleep for few more minutes,it happens because infants take time to get into deep sleep and before that they are into REM sleep where they keep on moving and can wake pretty quickly,so ensure to comfort your baby till she is in REM and once they go into deep sleep dont move them..try and see if it works!

Thanks everybody.. hopefully something or the other will work out. :)

Saumya Dwivedi : is it safe baby wearing a boy? Somebody told me it puts pressure on the scrotum which can cause hernia.. I
Is it??

Anonymous It is safe to wear a baby in an ergonomic carrier. These are wide based carrier that support the baby knee to knee and hence the weight is evenly distributed. Your concern is very right, which is precisely the reason why narrow base carriers are not preferred. If you see the image attached, the weight is evenly distributed across the babies hips and thighs & hence is absolutely safe.

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Thanks a lot :) Saumya Dwivedi

This is such a brilliant thread with so many useful suggestions from all of our awesome moms!! Bookmarked!

Would love to discuss more if you have concerns about safety @Anonymous

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Initially babies are so ... after some days they will be k

My baby does also same thing

My baby is 4 months old. And i have become times three of my normal size. Please what should i do?

Let him sleep in cradle

mere baby ka head garam hai kal se fever check kia usko nahi hai to kya me use syrup de skti hu ya normal

Give 8 drops of pyregesic liquid

Our lap is naturally at 45 degree angle. So babies at this age need to tilt a bit so as to avoid vomit or gas. U can make his bed as an angle n then make him sleep. Try to make him sleep towards his left by turning him. He vl sleep more nicely.

My baby is 1 year 2 month she is not sleep in tha bed till 10 month after she will sleep properly in night soi dnt wry after some tym baby will !!