Please help me moms.. Breastfeeding is such a pain... M like literally crying when baby's latching..my nipples r so sore... 😨 N moreover my baby's weight is jus 2.8kgs..docs saying i need to breastfeed to increase my baby's; weight... Pls share some tips..

Your Guide To Latching And Breastfeeding Positions! Please do read this article. Will help a lot

Height And Weight Chart: An Easy Tool to Monitor Your Child’s Health . Use this article to track your baby’s progress

You can also use the height and weight tracker in the app to track ur baby’s milestones every month and also get tips for you and your baby.

Hi Priti I can understand your troubles. If you are still in the hospital please have the nurses help with the latch. If the latch and position is correct then breast feeding is painless. In fact blissful. If you are at home then I would recommend seeing a lactation specialist. Some quick tips - tuck baby close to the breast so that baby is not hanging. Make sure mouth is wide open. Use your fingers to pull the lower jaw wider. Apply pure lanolin nipple cream and allow the breast and nipple to air dry after a feed. For some days you can express and feed with vati spoon if your nipples are very sore.

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Rebecca Prakash asha chaudhry nancy singh pls hlp guyz..

Thank u so much Neha Agarwal.. Wil go thru all d articles..
Sonali Shivlani... Will follow al d steps..m getting discharged 2mrow..thats wat m more worried abt

Priti there were like 5 nurses there at the hospital and each one taught me different method.. One will say I'm not holding properly one will say I'm holding her too close.. the list went on. And I tried all their methods. And they will hold pillow in their hands and show me this is how I need to hold.. "WTH I can't hold the baby like a pillow you dumb ass ppl"; I won't lie it's painful it's still painful but you will get used to it. You and your baby will settle for one position till then try. No rules for positions trust me follow your own method.

priti sweety hang in there. Same story for all of us. Make sure latch is proper. Pls watch these videos 7 Educational Videos to Guide You Through Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: The Basics

Your Breastfeeding FAQs Answered!

Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

Just to add I was not at all comfortable at the hospital because any time they will barge in and start giving gyans but yesterday I got discharged and I find it really easy and comfortable. My milk production also increased as got comfortable, So I'm sure you will feel better after you get discharged sweety. Cheers!

FAQs on Breastfeeding: Sleep problems in the first few months

Priti - my baby was 2.83kgs. pls don't worry at all. In the first week babies lose weight - in second they come back to birth weight. U will be fine in a few days. Trust me. Rebecca Prakash Shipra Dang Kataria same for u. Much love ur way. Tag me for any help. My chat notifications dont work so tag me on the app. Tc.

Rebecca Prakash at home u are in a stressfree environment that allows better milk production. U all will be just fine. nancy singh Satyam Sharma Akshaya Naresh will tell u so :)

Priti priti just relax first... M the one who was struggling with breast feeding,,,, just from 2 days back my baby started latching properly...the only thing which helped me upto now is katori chammach.the more u will express the more milk u will produce..... N check out the youtube videos on Breastfeeding n latching techniques ( that only helped me to understand how to hold baby properly) .. deep latch is very imp priti... So check the videos n learn the techniques to latch properly... My nipples got worse few days back.. n my dr asked me to use Nipcare cream after every feed...u can apply ur own milk ( it works wonder to heal nipples) ...dont worry at all... Soon baby will learn to latch properly...if u need any help m here to help u 😊..take care

Much love to u Sneha Khandait Deshmukh ! I miss ur #happyhours tags!

asha di 😘😘😘😘... Me too missing my those #happyhours tags... Now a days busy with my Novi so not much active on app... Still trying to be available as much as possible...

Priti... My baby was 2.1 and then dropped to 1.9 wen I brought her home... I used all the tips asha Didi has shared, n trust me feeding became much easier.
I also express milk and feed pihu using spoon n bowl..
Pls follow 2 hr feed pattern n ur baby's weight will increase, pihu is a perfect example. Now at 2 months she is 3.8 kgs.
So relax n apply your breast milk to cure the soreness. All the best!

When baby latches and sucks milk you should not feel any kind of pain otherwise you will get cracks on your nipples. You have to squeeze your nipple along with the areola and place it inside baby's mouth and pull baby's head towards you simultaneously. This will help u with latching n you will not feel any pain.

Priti if u feel pain in breastfeeding, try nipple shield. Me also felt pain in starting so I used nipple shield it's helped me. For sore nipple use nipcare ointment after ur breastfeed.

Pls apply nipcare wen bby is slpin n bfr feeed remove it my nipples got cut i used to cry but wen i.applied nipcare my breast started getin norml olso u cn aply desi ghee dnt wry sm ppl hv dry skin so niples also get dry n it creates pain

As a new mom, myself with my 5 weeks old bub, I can tell you that I went through the same in the first 3 weeks. It’s horrible! A warm bath helped. During bath my mom insisted that I apply turmeric. And incidentally that helped. I used nipcare a few times and ditched it as I was not sure if even after cleaning the area well some of it could be swallowed by the lo. So, I replaced the ointment with ghee. That did wonders. Hope my two cents helps you.

Hello Priti u can use niple shield

Nipcare tube will help u

Breast feeding pillows help a lot.Nipcare for sore nipples.And add bhuna jeera to your veggies and curd.It will help baby grow! Also green veggies.If you eat healthy and breastfeed ..baby will definitely gain weight.

U can apply your milk and keep for 5 min let it dry ..worked for me..babies take time to latch properly make sure your nipples are big so that she can hold it for sucking otherwise it slips and made sore..gradually she will be trained ..stress not ..this will make your milk production low

Use nippel shield so that pain will reduce meanwhile Express milk and give to baby so that baby weight will increase. After some days baby will learn to latch properly.

hi..the same thing happened to me too..it will b ok..apply moisturizing cream..nipcare ointment..or apply coconut oil..it will b ok then.. now I don't hv this issue

I have faced the same problem, there may be latching problem which causes sore nipples. Try different feeding position, it may help you

Take lactation powder in milk so it can easily come out nd always wipe your breast after feeding

Breastfeeding krwaate rho.. Kuch dino me normal ho jayega.... Raat ko sone k time.. Baby ko breastfeed krwane k bad ghee lgaa lo... Regular breastfeeding se baby k saliva se b thk ho jayega pain..baby k liye jruri h breastfeed.. So 2 ghnte ya usse pehle...jitna jada pilaaoge.. Utni jldi heal ho jayega

may be ur nipples are sore...try to use nipple butter...i use nipple butter by 'the mom and co' brand...worked very well for me...

It happens during initial days. Even I had. Apply your milk to your sore nipples.and u get nipple shields use them . It's very painful to wear clothes. Apply milk after every feed and use shield.u will get relief soon. Check for fungus also . sometimes sores will develop fungus so wash and wipe before you feed.

Use Himalaya nipple care gel it is so good for ur situation

Appy nipcare.. it does wonders

Try to find any lactation expert near you.

Hi Priti,
Sore nipples are just temporary my baby was 1.9 wen he was born and was completely on breastfeed u may have to suffer this pain only for 2mnths after that ur breast will get use to it and yes breastfeeding is the best for ur baby’s growth and also for the weight so dnt worry if u r not comfortable with nipcare u can also apply Honey coz wen ur baby is hungry it takes time to wash off the cream but honey is good u can just wipe off n than feed

Shatavari ark 2spoon with Desi cow 1glass of milk two times a day

Aslo eat banana two​ in day

This happens with everyone if u r first time mon just feed regularly it LL decrease day by day .n don't cry .tc

Hi priti'not to wry this is same prob with me,apply cocunut oil on nipple area and feed as much as psbl to baby ,change bra 2 time aply oil and wash breast with hot water do this u will see result v soon.i used to take pain killer becoz breast mein bahut pain hota tha.

Use nipcare ointment or u can use brestmilk

You can try ghee. Apply ghee every now and then.

Hi Priti...pls use NIPCARE gel for ur nipples.I too had same issue.Please apply it 3-4 times minimum a day and wash it before u feed ur baby.it will cure in short span of time.once its cured u wont have any pain.Please give Lactogen as additional if ur baby is under weight.but try to breast feed more.

I also felt pain in starting same as u after two weeks u will be fine.. .

Use nipcare oilment.. It's very effective

itz normal to all moms but apply cocunut oil itz will cure immediately ...n feed every 2 hours to baby on each side of ur brearst milk .....automatically it will increase weight ....n u eat healthy food because of depends on ur food to baby weight...

Use nipple shield

Apply Brestmilk to your nipples. It will help in soreness and cracks and will not harm baby as well.

I hv gone the same phase and I can te you better try to put areola on baby's mouth instead nipple...don't allow your baby to latch only nipple otherwise you hv to be ready for the worsen...This will surely help you

Apply nipcare cream....its really very effective...I also face same situation...n drink satavari as it is really good to increase ur breastmilk supply....