My daughter does hiccups after breast feed sometimes,; when she does that milk comes out. What Am I supposed to do when she hiccups?; Also is there any method or way to control the milk flow? Sometimes my milk is too much that she kind of gags n vomits.

Harneet Khurana Sonali Shivlani

Rebecca dear, try burping the baby when she hiccups, the only way to control the flow is to express some milk before feeding.

My baby used to get hiccups so many times a day becca.I asked my doc if I should feed her to stop it.But he said its normal and that I can feed if She's hungry else,leave as such. To control the flow,; place your index finger and middle finger around the aerola like scissors and lightly hold tight while feeding. At times I would express till the flow gets normal.If the flow is high in one breast,make sure you feed equally both the sides.

It is good that baby hiccups. You don't need to do anything just hold baby in burping position close to u. You can use breast pump to express out some milk in order to control the flow.

My daughter also does the same thing... her dr said its normal. Try to get her burped.

not about worry dear..its normal nd good..u should be happy that ur child gets enough milk..after every feed , stand her on your shoulder for at least 15 minutes. nd try burping the baby

Rebecca..its a one suggestion for you ,, if u like..
Breast milk is very useful for baby's skin.take some milk in; ur hands and give baby massage on full body..before bath.. even my granny said that u can use b.milk as drops for nose( if cold ) n ear..( ear pain)..
use b.milk as baby bath pack..in milk add some saffron, turmeric nd gram floor.use this as bath pack☺

Thankyou all.; What is the burping position you guys use? Her doctor said hold her at 30 degrees which doesn't help much. Taking her to my shoulder also difficult for me as she is so small.

Madhavi Cholera good suggestion yaar, will definitely try it.

Becca, burping position is taking to shoulder usually, practice it,you will slowly get it right,i am burping my dd on shoulder since day 1. She was just 2.7 kg.

For making the baby burp, place her in your shoulders and gently pat on her back going all the way down starting from the neck. Put her in the same position for 10-15 mins even after she has burped. It helps the milk to settle down. Also hiccups are not a major issue . Little babies do that a lot but it will go as they grow.

what a wonderful thread of super helpful practical suggestions!!! i wish i had all of you when i had ini 10 years back!

Try to feed him in sitting position
N for hiccups after feeding; it's very normal to every baby even my toddler used to hiccups a lot jst after feeding u turn him right side n tap on his back after few minute it will stop

How to increase breastfeed milk production? ? For 3 months baby

viji lakshmi post your question separately it will be answered by experts. This is a very old post.

Keep ur two fingers on d back of d baby while holding him on ur shoulder and make smooth circular motions..do not Pat him for burping..and his body must be staraight not legs folded..baby burps easily wen v do dis

Hiccups after a feeding session is a sign of over feeding the baby when they gulp down more milk stomach contents exert pressure on the diaphragm muscle which cause hiccups. Try to burp baby and give short and frequent feedings. If the milk is too much in baby tummy it comes out with hiccups. My doc told me to nurse short and frequently.
Babies under 3months doesn't know how much to eat so they keep suckling at breast even stomach is full.

It's a very old post. Thx

my baby boy'z umblicle cord is not fall off. he is 17 days old today.

U can try upright breastfeeding. It helps with the breast milk coming out after feed

Don't your baby to cry for long before breastfeeding, as baby shallows in air crying for long hours . Read on the best breastfeeding positions

My baby don,t eat wot will i do

rosemary please post your question separately so that you will get experts answer. This is a very old thread.

My baby is 11 month now. Pls can I give him tea. Is it good for him now or later

No. Coffe and tea should not be given to kids also.

At times of the delivery baby weight was 2. 8kg today will be 7days of delivery... What is the normal body weight by today

Pfokrelo kateni now the baby weight will be lesser than the birth weight. After this they will start gaining weight, its a natural process. Just keep breastfeeding.

Dear whenever u feed ur baby after that almost 5 mints u should take ur baby with ur shoulder straight when she digest then she dont fall milk

viji laxman try to eat slurry food .avoid the eating solid food
.drink lots of water in day .start your day by eating bajara soup ( by adding ghee,anise,jaggery,dry ginger). İt will help you increasing breastmilk.
Try to eat on time.dont skip

Before feeding have a glass of water or milk then hiccups not occur

Baby ka wait kaise bdaye

After breast feed do burping the baby

I am feeding to my 1 month old son can uh plz tell me which food i will take and aviod also ?

How to increase breastfeed milk production for 2 months baby

How to increase breastfeed milk production for 2 months baby

How to increase breast milk

Aap usse dudh pilao agr vo hiccups le to usse upr kndhe k laga k uski peeth thap thapa le

Very old post. My daughter is 1 year now.

Guys I'm doctor Jagathesh.
Hiccup is a sign of full stomach don't bother about that..
It ll settled within 2mins.

Hi can't feed my baby shes just only 4 week ,, my milk flow is very low,, how to increase it plz suggest me

Sofi Khan Include lot of jeera, ajwain, saunf, garlic, daliya, oats, nuts, dry fruits, eggs, milk and milk products in your diet and drink plenty of water. Above all keep latching the baby to your breast often supply will increase. Latching is the secret, if you have any questions please post it separate, I will help.

Before feeding the baby express little milk from both the breasts . Then give the baby to suck. And burp the baby when she hiccups. After the burp also the milk is coming out, don't worry it's excess milk. . She will be feeling better after vomiting the excess milk

Hey rebecca,its normal for the baby to spit out the milk.its good because it prevents coughing in the chest.and let me know if you have excess of breast milk,start storing it.and avoid ajwain,saunf and jeera if you want reduction in the breastmilk as they help in more production.

Hi thx it's very old post, my baby is 13 months now.

My son is start in 6month .will you plz tell me what can i start besides breast milk or formula

There are 4 criteria that HAVE to be met most importantly before starting solids.
1. Baby must have completed 180 days/6 Months
2. Baby must be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds
3. Baby must have lost tongue thrust.
4. Shows interest in food
Once baby meets ALL the criteria, only then you may start solids.
Please remember that for the baby’s first year, bm/fm is the main source of nutrition. Solids are not to be used to make the child “fatter/gain weight/fuller/sleep better”
This is because their digestive tracks are still not mature enough to process food completely so they may not be able to extract nutrition fully from solids. However, having said that, it doesn’t mean you should not feed them healthy options. This is the practice period which will set the pattern for their eating habits in the long run... so avoid force feeding, distraction feeding, giving junk food or masking tastes of things
No animal milk, salt, no sugar/jaggery/honey till the baby completes 1 year. Even post that if you can avoid, please do.
Before every solids meal, give bm/ff (about 20-30 mins before)
Continue to breastfeed as normal and don’t replace a feed session with solids.
When you introduce solids introduce everything individually first, be it fruit or vegetable or cereal.
6th month - 1 meals
7th Month-2 meals
8th Month- 3 meals
9th month- 3 meals and a snack if needed
10th Months- same; as above and give snacks as per demand.
If you are doing traditional weaning, then steam instead of boiling before pureeing
Start with breakfast and observe any reactions.
Offer variety. Don’t give the baby the same thing for several days
Don’t be alarmed if baby doesn’t eat more than a few grains or a bite in the initial days, it’s normal.
Follow the baby’s cues when it comes to quantity. If baby persistently refuses then don’t force.
Will add to this if I remember any more points
Some suggestions for starting weaning :-
Sweet potato
Chick peas
Any other fruit or vegetable
You can also give upma or Ragi porridge
Post introducing everything on its own you can start doing combinations
Like peas and cauliflower
Apples and banana etc
Introduce without spice first so baby can taste everything in its natural form.

I have a breast milk problem so plz suggest me how to increase breast milk so that my baby can feed properly

I m so worried bcz he can't feed properly & maximum time he tries but milk amount is very slow then he sleeps

Sandipa Rout include lot of jeera, ajwain, saunf, garlic, daliya, oats, nuts, dry fruits, eggs, chicken, milk and milk products in your diet regularly and drink plenty of water. Above all keep latching the baby to your breast often supply will increase.

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