my baby girl is 1 month old and she cries wen eva she does potty and release lot of gas. she z completely on breastfeed....u pls suggest remedy for this

dear ua baby is small. she doesn't know to give force while potty. hence she crys not necessary if she has gas then only she'll cry

I think dat she is suffering from gas problem ...bcz d same condition was with my daughter... consult with pediatrist...N be sure dat u too r not having gas or motion problem ? she is breastfeeding baby N her problem will be common with her mother...

feeding mein 2 houres ka gap rakho ise kam hote hai gas

Hi Harshini, your diet is important for baby s health to be okay. So first look into your diet. Eat nutritious foods. And avoid too long gaps between meals. Secondly, look into the breastfeeding routine. If baby is latching properly and feeding 10-12 times in 24 hours with every feed lasting at least for 20-45 minutes, there will be less problems with passage of motions and gas. Baby should pee 6-10 times and poop 1-2 times a day. If this is a routine, then everything is good.
If you think the gas is too much and baby is crying then apply hing around the navel after every 3-4 hours so baby can get some relief from gas.
Quick tip - do some knee bending exercises for the baby during massage so that baby can easily pass gas.

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