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Hi moms (and dads!)

I would like to kickstart a series called #wisdomofthecrowd to help each of us with/from our own experiences, learnings, mistakes, insights and further share them on with other parents & expecting parents sailing in the same boat.

I would urge you to also do the same, collectively we can build a resource-pool of valuable real-life parenting & childcare learnings.

One of the most difficult topics I find to address is HOW DO I WEAN MY CHILD OFF THE BREAST. Difficult because each case is so different. Difficult because I and my hubby really struggled trying to wean off my childoo. And I'm not sure we used the most easy or practical techniques. But yes, we managed after losing a lot of sleep and peace when she was 22.5 months old.

I didn't do anything that was recommended by specialists (cause I didn't really ask any!) or textbooks. I tried to introduce the bottle which everyone will tell you is a horrible idea 'coz then you have to wean her off the bottle! After bottle came sippers, straws, name mugs, etc etc. We would even take her out for a drive in the middle of the night which would lull her back to sleep!! Possible in Goa of course. In Delhi, I don't think you'd be able to even come out of your parking at 2am!

Long story short, we survived and yes I live to tell the tale :)

They say you should wean off the breast when your baby is ready. Some moms can. Some moms are not able to wait that long. Either way, it's so wrong for people to judge. Many people judged me. And I felt the pressure. That's a different story for a different day :)

So please do share in the comments - how did you wean your baby off the breast. Or if you can, pls share simple ideas/tips that worked for you.

We'll then request the content team to curate the most helpful tips/stories that in turn will help other moms struggling with this milestone.

Many thanks in advance!

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Neha Mani Mishra Neha Vij Richa Chowdhary Roopashree Siddireddy Rachita Choudhary Ashika Imthiyaz Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Ruth Timmy Verghese Palisha Sawlani Vidhi Duggal ( Nisha Dayal pls help by sharing ur learnings

Priya Sood 's story is here - Weaning: A Tough Start And Even Tougher But Happy End!

I have not breastfed my child but yes I did wean her off her bottle was a struggle initially..and she is still not 100% off her bottle but now needs her only when she sleeps at night..I made sure that she ate well during the day so that she did not need her bottle to satiate her hunger..also when she demanded bottle during the day..I told her story about how she is now a big girl and all her friends do not drink from the bottle be honest she did not take too long to understand that she now needs her bottle only at night..but fir some kids it takes time..and patience is the key..and one more thing is that we should also be firm at times because children know that their parents love them and can't see them we as parents need to be tough on them at such timea even if we don't want to..

Ladies pls tag other toddler moms who hv weaned off baby!

This is a wonderful topic. I guess many or say most of the moms are looking for the answers. I personally feel..the age and method to wean off is totally dependent on person to person. My mom said.. when she wanted to wean off..she just said once...that i am grown up and have to stop. I just listened to her. Its was easy for her. Mine was not that simple. From the day she is in my arms till 3.3 yrs... she want her " ammi" every day and whenever she remember. I have nursed her everywhere and anywhere. Whole of my wardrobe changed into front open kurtis and a huge hangbag with thick dupatta. I wanted to wean her off when she completed her 2nd birthday. When my baby turned -in-laws wanted me to nurse only at night and slowly wean off. But my family, hubby and me wanted to feed one more year. After 2yrs.. things got really worse , as she dont wanted to eat. Always want ammi. No gentle methods and nothing helped me. She have the habit of sucking every 5 mins once. Later i asked my doctor. He suggested femite...the bitterst thing in the world. I hesitated to use for 1 year and still trying all the methods possible. With no results. Meanwhile.. the sucking pressure was increasing with age with decreasing milk supply. I remember me i couldnt able to bear that pain. Not able to sleep. The mere touch of fabric is hurting me. Now..with my weak health. Everuone started noticing the change in me. And everyone suggested to wean off. But how??? I wanted her to wean off on her own. She was not ready. Then i joined her to was taking lots of time to get adjusted. I guess..i have shared my sorrow here. Every possible effort was done. It was then..i applied some bitter things. And that made her repell. We said .as you have grown up.. ammi has gone bitter. Now you should eat and forget. She agreed..but on condition that.. she will sleep on my hand and keep her cheek on my breast. She started going to school happily lateron. Now i am in struggling to make her sleep on pillow. Trying..and trying..

Roopashree Siddireddy roopa roopa roopa! Omg what i heartening story! Really we moms are made of something else!! Salute and hugs to u. She will sleep on pillow very soon. Trust me. What helped me was keeping ini very active in evenings by playing in the park with other kids so at night she wud just collapse. Thank u so so much for sharing ur story. Tc

Neha Mani Mishra patience is the key!! I so agree with u. And waening off the breast or bottle are challenges of the same nature!! So glad she listens to u!! Tc

Wow so much information here bookmarking For future thanks asha chaudhry Di

This comes at a time, I can actually learn and remember to implement these learning..; thanks asha chaudhry you are awesome.

Mrs Chhoker Revauthi Rajamani Sangeetha Karuna pls share ur tips if poss.

Tips to stop thumb sucking habit in kids Thumb sucking is a natural phenomenon of babies. Researches say thumb sucking soothes babies and they have natural urge to suck their thumb. This habit gradually decreases between the age 3 to 5. Usually babies and young children use it to comfort them, when they feel hungry or feeling hungry or when they feel sleepy. In few cases, children do not stop sucking their thumb even after six years of age. This is the concerned part of which the child may do it because of some disorders due to anxiety or some emotional problems. Prolonged thumb sucking may affect the teeth alignment or may cause speech disorders. Hence, treating it at the right moment will help the child getting into troubles.;; Here comes the ordeal to help them quit this habit. This is going to be a difficult task, but sure can be treated if noticed early and properly.;; Tips to help the kids stop from sucking their thumb .; Firstly, keep a check on your child as to when is your child sucking it’s thumb. Is it because of anxiety or fear or stress or only during sleep. Once this is observed, it is easy to assist the child quit the habit quickly.;; At home, treatment includes parents setting rules and providing distractions. It may help to limit the times and places that your child is allowed to suck his or her thumb and to put away blankets or other items your child associates with thumb-sucking. Putting gloves on your child's hands or wrapping the thumb with an adhesive bandage or a cloth may help remind your child not to suck the thumb. Rewarding your child whenever he/she does not involve in thumb sucking will motivate them to quit. Don’t shame or punish them as it would demotivate and lower their self esteem. Be positive. Appreciate them if they are trying; to refrain them from this habit.;; If all these does not go well, consult your paediatrician and seek for medical help. Hope this article would help those mums who face this problem.
There two best solutions that mom's feel comfortable with
1)femite paint which is applied on the finger, when sucked gives a very sorry taste helps quite the habit quickly and safely
2)Thumbsie, a glove for the fingers that reminds the kids that they are actually sucking their finger which they should avoid; this has shown results too.
asha chaudhry
Roopashree Siddireddy

That was one of my articles I wrote for a parenting community.; Hope it will help other moms here with thunbsucking babies

Try to shorten the time span of the feeds, for example of u are regularly feeding for ten minutes together shortening it to five minutes will help.
If offering sipper cups and look for the reaction for acceptance.
Make the kid avoid short naps in between and try to distract and make them play, so when they; become tired they peacefully sleep all night without in between feeds.
when you want your baby to detach from the habit of breastfeeding. For a while, sleep in a separate bed close to the baby. I know it is difficult to accept but try to ask your hubby or whoever your baby is comfortable with to put her or him to sleep for two or three days, I'm sure this will help but you really need to be a cold duck, but it works for working mom's especially when they can afford to take off a weekend end break.
This will take time and you will need to be persistent to see results.
asha chaudhry

Hey such a nice topic. Much needed for all mom's

This is an excellent idea asha chaudhry. It's so close to my heart.
I've been ebf since April 2013 nonstop.
Establishing bf was a challenge but came easily thnx to my mom's n sis support n guidance.
However weaning was and is the greater challenge for me.
I'll write up how it was fr my first child n what I'm going through now with the younger one.
Thank once again asha chaudhry for the Initiative 🤗

asha chaudhry will be😁 more then; happy to share

Honestly both my kids turned out to be angles as far as weaning is concerned. I never had to put effort to wean from BF but yes to wean from bottle it was tough job with my elder one. But major contribution was of daycare didi's they put more effort than me.

Prachi pls follow this thread

Thanks a ton asha chaudhry .very much needed

manvi bhandari pls follow this thread naa

Archana Bhosale pls read thru this thread

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